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You are viewing the writer stats and profile for Angel-70513, a 4-star writer in the Zerys network

My Personal Info

  • Pen Name: Angel-70513
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

My Expert Knowledge Areas

  • Autos 2
  • Business and Finance 1
  • Electronics 3
  • Food and Drink 2
  • Health and Wellness 2

My Writer Bio

With the vast amount of information that can be found on the Internet, you could get answers to a burning question that has vexed you for the longest time. Any curiosity, no matter how inane, can be satisfied the moment you get your hands on something with a keyboard, whether it'd be phone or computer.

Even with information available at our fingertips,we learn later on in life that the more answer we get the more question we will have. And with this understanding of this healthy, basic, human trait I will thoroughly write every article that is assigned to me.

Whatever information readers need, or whatever idea they want to explore, I will write a piece that will be informative and thoughtful.

My experiences include working in the auto industry, electronics, food and beverage, and marketing. These experiences have helped me gain insight that is essential in writing a great piece.

If you're interested work together, contact me now and we'll hash out a plan for success.

My Zerys Writing Statistics

  • Total Pages Assigned by all Zerys Clients: 0
  • Pages Approved by all Zerys Clients: 0
  • Total Missed Deadlines: 0/0 (0.00%)
  • Total Pages Rejected: 0/0 (0.00%)

My Ratings From Zerys Clients

  • Number of Zerys Client Ratings: 0
  • Average Zerys Client Rating: 4 Stars 4-Stars
  • Number of Zerys Client Reviews: 0

My Rate

  • Standard Pay Rate: 18.00 cents per word
  • (This rate is negotiable from within your Zerys account)

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